Hey, I'm Akshay Pall,

a Software Engineer working on AI Infrastructure at Meta.

Hey there!

I'm a software engineer who loves to solve problems using my technical and communicative skill sets. I am interested in AI/ML and Data Infrastructure Engineering roles.

$ git checkout my_resume!

Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Award

Winner of the Norman Esch Entrepreneurship Award at the University of Waterloo for our project Yada, a document editor that keeps all related content up to date by building documents, slideshows, etc. by referencing a ”source-of-truth”. Built with React, Neo4J, and GCP


Early contributor for Ambuda, an online Sanskrit library whose mission is to make Sanskrit literature accessible to all. Built with Gunicorn (Python), Flask, SQLite, Tailwind, and Alpine.js.

Dean's List

Graduated with Dean's List from the Software Engineering program at the University of Waterloo.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

$80 000 scholarship to the University of Toronto based on STEM work by potential leaders of tomorrow. Turned down to attend an alternate school.

Academic Representative

Addressed concerns of students in the Software 2021 class to professors to maximize academic success. Organized events such as resumé critiques with other organizations to improve class employment rates

Engineering Ambassador

Official Engineering Ambassador to represent the University of Waterloo at outreach events and on campus.