Hey, I'm Akshay Pall,

a Software Engineering Student at the University of Waterloo.

Hey there!

I'm an engineering student who loves to solve problems using my technical and communicative skill sets. I am currently looking for a Summer 2019 internship.

I have extensive experience with Java and am working to improve my C C++ Python and Scala every day!

I love Backend and Android development! You can always find me tweaking CursorAdapters and writing custom Span classes to create snappy and beautiful experiences!

$ git checkout me_below


Winter 2018 & Fall 2018

Mail (Calendar) Backend Engineering Intern

Contributed to Oath Migration Framework, moving over 80 million users from AOL to Yahoo. Extended Calendar Crawler Framework for Reminders, remediating issues for millions of users. Rewrote the byte comparison module using a thread pool and queue to deal with rate and connection restraints, resulting in a performance improvement of 20%. Enhanced various admin APIs using Jersey for use in controlling various migration processes.


Summer 2017

Native Apps (Android) Developer

Engineered critical components of the newest News app update, including work on the Theme Engine, Internal Android Support Libraries, and User Migration Code.

Mindbend Studio

Summer - Fall 2015

Lead Android Developer

Designed and built entire Android application for infor[me]. Worked on several components of the backend service using JavaScript and Parse. Conducted case study on users and worked with potential clients to best solve the problems at hand.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

$80 000 scholarship to the University of Toronto based on STEM work by potential leaders of tomorrow. Turned down to attend an alternate school.


Songify is a beautiful and intelligent music playback service for aficionados who want to know more about their music. You are presented with parsed information of each song, such as if you've discovered it before mainstream success or if the song is due to leave the charts soon.


Hack the Valley 2017 project. Conducted numerical analysis of speech in real-time using the Azure Cognitive Services API to provide users with a framework for self-improvement. Visualized data using Android GraphView display speech variation versus time

Open Source Libraries

I'm always sharing some of the interesting solutions I've developed for other developers to use. AutoResizingTextView is an example for Android developers who need to support smaller display sizes (usually legacy devices).

Academic Representative

Addressed concerns of students in the Software 2021 class to professors to maximize academic success. Organized events such as resumeĢ critiques with other organizations to improve class employment rates

Engineering Ambassador

Official Engineering Ambassador to represent the University of Waterloo at outreach events and on campus.